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We have an ambitious project: to save our planet from pollution, climate change and their devastating consequences. We have little time to make up for the mistakes and bad habits of the past. However, now like never before, we have the opportunity to reverse the course, to build a more sustainable future and to apply a radical change in our lifestyle.
SAVE THE PLANET believes in people, in the strength of everyday ideas and gestures, this is why we feature the most fragile and uncontaminated places on Earth: we believe that protecting them is a task for all of us.
Our goal is to raise awareness on environmental issues, through a capillary work of information, made possible especially by our Ambassadors: photographers Luca Bracali and Betty Colombo and explorers Ivan Dimov and Alex Bellini are committed in endeavours with a high media impact to show the public at large not only the damage caused by pollution and global warming, but to also show the power we have to act concretely.
SAVE THE PLANET also aims to spread all the ecological and sustainable practices that can make a difference to the environment, helping to change the habits and lifestyles of the entire population.

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