Alex Bellini


The searching of our limits big exploits. This knowledge takes alex bellini to became an adventurer and explorator though 17 years of hard challenges. He didn’t adventure for the glory or for the sport performance but for the vital knoledge of himself, his resources and his limits, to surpass them and those insurmountables.
The first of his challenges was in 2001, the “Marathon des Sables”: it’s a marathon of 250 km in the desert of Sahara.
Bellini in the next year took part of Alaska Ultrasport, a race which you carry the sled for 2000 km. The sand, the ice and the sea.
In 2005 Bellini has rowed from Mediterraneo to Atlantic ocean for 11000 km all the way alone for 7 months and half.
In that year he has rowed from Quarto ( near Genova) to Fortaleza (Brasil) doing 10,000 km in 226 days, surviving also a shipwreck. The results are fantastic and Bellini also has been award with Ironman medal. For every adventure Alex defined the concet of “possible”.

He didn’t adventure for the glory or for the sport performance but for the vital knoledge of himself

Also when, in 2008, he repeated the exploit departing from Perù and landing in Australia: 18000 km travelling 10 time differences. In 2011 he went back on the stree to partecipate to theLA-NY Footrace, a marathone of 5300 km from Los angeles to NewYork, a coast to coast completed in 70 days.
Bellini make use of his extraordinary experiences and from a lot of conferences he is invited trasmitting what he has learned.
In addition to his activity there is mental coach: the research of his limits permits to share a lot of teaching with athletes that want follow alex’s path.
When we want to start a journey we know the start, but we don’t know where the arrive is. The first testimony is the winter crossing of Vatnajokull, the biggest ice of Europe that global warning melts until this century probably. Now, knowing the man’s limits Bellini wants to verify the natural limits of ecosystem. Man has an impact to our planet. It’s now a case that we live in Antropocene Era, this geogical period where human action are the main cause of climatic,geografical and structural change of the Earth.
Words are not enough because we live in a collective urgency.
2019 is the year of change. Alex will explore the world beginning from the 10 most polluted rivers and ending the travel on the famous Island of Plastic in the Pacific ocean. He will touch with his hand the risk that human is involved under the ecological threat, because inside these rivers the human let the mass of rubbish stay there – 8 millions tons of plastic and they are the 90% of the world’s garbage, it’s concentrated all in the “Great Pacific Garbage Patch”, an area 3 times bigger than France. Alex must resolve problems in real time. To the interior exploration that caratherized his extreme exploits . Bellini thought the first step to save our planet is connecting human to the nature, it made “human’s dream true”.
“Let him that would move the world first move himself” said Socrates. So the mission for Alex will be exploring the world to safeguard it, beginning consciousness of our interiority. A connection that make all safe.

The first step to save our planet is connecting human to the nature